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Greetings from a representative

株式会社 田口型範

Taguchi Pattern Works , which makes full use of state‐of‐art techniques and is a "Starting Points of manufacturing" is a company that can always fulfill wants and needs(on tooling and jig preparations) from clients with skills and techniques that have been cultivated for 60 years in fabrications of wooden/metal pattern and core box for casting by taking an optimum balance between things in analog remained and the others to be converted to digital.
Especially wooden pattern and core box for prototype is the beginning of a particular which comes out to the worlds.
Chisels and Planes have been used in wooden pattern and core box industry as major hands tools over a hundred years. Times have changed , and wooden pattern and core box are designed by 3D‐CAD/CAM , and manufactured with CNC machines nowadays.
Currently , cast components produced with wooden/metal pattern and core box manufactured by Taguchi are used for fabrication of vehicles , industrial machines , aircrafts , and even in the field of space development‐related.


We own two factories. One of them is the Head Plant in Kawaguchi city which has the primary business of designing and manufacturing small-mid size wooden/metal pattern and core box , completing prototype development , and processing blades , etc. by making full use of 5-axis CNC machining.
The other one is Nihonmatsu plant in Nihonmatsu city Fukushima prefecture which specializes in designing and manufacturing mid-size wooden/metal pattern and core box.
Taguchi pattern works will also continue growing in the future by maximizing utilization of the network between our two factories and other companies which have their own speciality.

Corporate Profile

Trade name Taguchi Pattern Works Co.,Ltd
Establishment 1947
Foundation 1953
Capital ¥20 million
Number of Employees 140 people
Representative Representative director Jun Taguchi
Officer Director and Kawaguchi plant manager Noboru Suzuki
Director and Nihonmatsu plant manager Eiji Sakai
Production base The main office・Kawaguchi plant
Five-axis processing plant
Nihonmatsu Fukushima plant

Contact address

The main office・Kawaguchi plant


Location :〒332-0032 2-20-15 Nakaaoki Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture

TEL :048-251-2765
FAX :048-256-0403
Land area :2,100㎡ 
Building area :2,400㎡

Five-axis processing plant

Location :〒332-0032 2-19-3 Nakaaoki Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture
TEL :(048)250-5081
FAX :(048)250-5083
Land area :1,400㎡
Building area :800㎡

Nihonmatsu Fukushima plant

Location :〒964-0981 4-123 Hiraishitakada Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture
TEL :0243-23-2517
FAX :0243-223-2790

Land area :16,300

Building area :4,000㎡