Wooden Pattern & core box have been produced by our 60 year traditional skills and by high end CAD/CAM, and schemed design that utilizes melting metal flow by CAE, solidfication and stress analysis. 
Wooden Pattern & core box are produced by our traditional and manual skills(photo above).Precise Wooden Pattern & core box are produced by our latest technology and computers(photo below).
Metal pattern and core box are produced by the latest CAD/CAM/CAE and our traditional skills.
We can design runner gate system of wooden and metal pattern by melting metal flow analysis also arrange distribution of heater in shell mold core box(hot box) by temperature analysis.

Recently we measure a metal pattern and core box which has no drawings by a non-contact measuring machine. On its data we can produce a 3D model.(Reverse engineering)

We can produce prototype and mass producting aluminium , titanium and nickel alloy impellers by 5-axis machining center during over 20 years. 

To turbine wheel  we can make our original blended wax pattern for lost wax precision casting by 5-axis machining center. Also we can measure many kinds of impellers or blade dimension by special high precision 3D measuring machine and dynamic balance.

We can make very difficult prototype casting parts from wooden pattern , some kinds of jig and machining to measuring by using 3D-CAD during very short lead time.

Also we can assemble example cylinder head according to customer's requirement.

We can design runner gate system and make pattern and core box using analysis simulation.

After predicting casting rejection , we can produce high quality prototype parts by low cost during short lead time.

Contents of analysis software : melting metal flow , metal solidification residual stress , conduction of  heat , sand blow and filling into core box.

We can measure by a non-contact 3D measuring machine. We compare the measured data and the data measured by the non-contact 3D measuring machine. By measuring the shape of the pattern and core box before and after, we can check the modification.

Wooden Pattern and core box

Metal Pattern and core box

5-axis machining




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